Yorkshire Wedding Services

Situated in Northern England, Yorkshire is the largest of Britain’s counties. The county is historic and is made up of various subdivisions, although the name is widely used to refer to the area. Not only is it the country’s largest, but is it also home to some spectacular greenery. The ideal area for an idyllic ceremony, especially near the Dales which is known for its beautiful scenery.

Anyone with experience of large event planning will know that to achieve the desired success, it all comes down to planning and prearrangement. More than most events, the Wedding ceremony and reception are invested with an additional element which few other occasions can equal.

It is the day when a man and a woman commit to each other, binding their respective families and declaring their love in front of those who mean the most to them. It is an ancient tradition and embodies the very essence of what it means to be a human being.

Since the occasion carries with it a long history, various traditions of the ceremony and reception have become an inseparable part of the ideal Wedding Day. From the perfect venue, the Bridal Dress and the Groom’s Suit, to the rings, flowers, food and music, these collective aspects signify the profundity of marriage.

While the poorly arranged event has long been a staple of comedy, it can be a very traumatic experience to those to whom it means the most. With this in mind, here on Yorkshire Wedding Services we’ve formulated a general list of the individual facets which are commonly part of the occasion. Where applicable, a general timeframe has been suggested with an idea to making the considerable task void of unnecessary anxiety.

Wedding Venue Selection - The decision that should be made before all others. Most of the remaining services rely on location and need to know the specifics in order to begin preparation. The further in advance of the date a choice is made, the less rushed the preparation period is likely to be.

Bridal Dress Hire - A Bride’s Dress is without question the singular most personal dress a woman is likely to wear in her life. With that in mind, due consideration needs to be taken in deciding on the ideal garment. A sufficiency of time is required to ensure that the garment either be created or adjusted.

Suit Hire - No less significant than the Bridal attire, the Groom’s suit should be chosen to compliment the dress. Once the Bride has chosen her garment, the Groom can have his suit immediately fitted as can the other principal members of both parties.

Cars and Carriages - The iconic transport which carries the newlyweds from the church, or the Bride to the church, has endured many incarnations over the years. Depending on the style of the ceremony, a vehicle is often chosen to compliment. The rarer the choice, the better it is to book well in advance since rare vehicles are in high demand.

Rings - Since the Wedding Band is the most enduring token of any marriage, it is a good idea to take a decent amount of time before deciding on the right one. The variety is considerable and alterations may have to be made.

Photographer - While personal preference may play a factor, experienced Wedding Photographers are in high demand and will have to give up a lot of their time. Once you’ve found the right one, book straight away.

Flowers - Finding the perfect flowers can be tricky as a result of locational and seasonal factors. Consult an experienced Florist with enough time for them to make any special arrangements as well as to plan flowers for the day.

Catering - Food is a special part of any celebration and good food takes a lot of planning and preparation for large numbers of people. Early discussions about the menu are imperative as it often changes to incorporate unexpected dietary or cultural needs, as well as for reasons of supply.