Cakes & Catering in Yorkshire

Like most aspects of the traditional Wedding, the sharing of food is invested with symbolism. While the interpretation of sharing food is fairly obvious and can be associated with 'breaking bread', denoting celebration and community, the cake is invested with its own specially relevant meanings.

Customarily a fruitcake, to deny a piece is to tempt the superstitions of infertility and fruitlessness. The reason why those who couldn’t attend are sent their own piece. In keeping with the idea of fertility, the Bride must be the first to cut the cake or tempt the superstition of a childless marriage. The decorations each have their own meaning, some bring luck, like the horseshoe, while doves will bring peace and harmony.

A good Wedding Caterer will be able to suggest many substitutions to this traditional cake, although it remains the favoured choice. Apart from the cake, the caterer will need to be consulted in great detail and early on in the planning stages. Quality food can inspire an occasion, but it takes skill and time to prepare as well as to serve it at the right moment. An experienced professional will potentially need to be informed of the cultural of dietary needs of any number of guests. They will also require a fairly accurate count of the number of people and to be informed about problems inherent in the location.

Before deciding on a menu for your celebrations, it’s a good idea to consult one or more caterers. The idea being to get a proper picture of what sort of food each can supply. Don’t take too long before you choose, since catering, more than any other service, requires detailed, focussed attention, as well as a significant amount of preparation particularly in respect of the wedding cake itself.

As is often the case, you might want to include a family or cultural dish. Most professional caterers are extremely versatile and will probably be able to suggest ways in which to create a menu around it. On our site are some of the most experienced and reputable businesses and each will provide an efficient service with food fit for celebration.