Cars & Carriages in Yorkshire

If there was ever a chance to indulge your greatest desire and drive into the sunset in a vintage Rolls Royce, the Wedding Day is it.

Of course, a vintage Rolls is a rare vehicle and like all rare and luxurious vehicles, they are in short supply and high demand. So if you have your heart set on a specific car it’s best to make sure one is available and, if you find it is, then don’t delay in booking it.

Aside from the classic Rolls or Bentley, the options are numerous. For a romantic ceremony in picturesque countryside, a horse-drawn cab might be the ideal transport to convey the newlyweds to the reception.

For those who've chosen a contemporary elegance, many luxury cars and limousines are in ready supply and there is bound to be a colour to fit your theme. Sports cars, both classic and contemporary, are always a popular choice. For the adventurous, a vintage motorcycle and sidecar might provide some levity at the happy moment.

Location could play a part in deciding on the vehicle. A horse-drawn cab will have limitations on certain types of terrain, as might a vintage car. It’s possible that more than one vehicle will be needed if there are a number of principal guests in need of transportation.

Wedding Car Hire companies which cater to the wedding market provide a number of important services. Apart from supplying a range of vehicles to add a touch of automotive elegance to your occasion, many places offer ancillary services such as collecting guests from the airport, providing a number of in-car amenities and having a well turned out chauffeur to complete the picture of luxury.

For couples hoping to find a rare car or a horse-drawn cab, it's advisable to make arrangements early on, since rare and luxury vehicles are always in high demand. Any locations idiosyncrasies of your venue or reception might limit the choice. This should be discussed with the wedding car hire company of your choice.