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The band is an ancient symbol of union and has been employed globally through the ages which makes it hard to pin down the exact culture which first used it to signify a sacred bond.

This symbol of love and union retains much of its old meaning. Today the Wedding Band, a complete circle, reflects the perpetuity of love as well as that of life. It is never more appropriate as when a man and a woman marry, since this is traditionally the foundation of the endurance of human beings. Although this notion is widely accepted, many cultures have imposed colourful ideas onto it. The Romans held the belief that the vein in the third finger of the left hand, the ‘vena amoris’, ran directly to the heart. Other cultures associated the same finger with the sun.

Since a marriage which took place at night or under the moon was not likely to have been sanctioned by a community, to signify the sun was to convey an auspicious union and a sense of community spirit. Sometimes it is thought that the associations are more fundamental, the sun being the male symbol and silver representing the female. Gold is traditionally the precious metal used to form the sun as silver is seen to represent the moon. This idea is sometimes adhered to when couples exchange wedding rings of these different metals and in doing so uniting the equal yet opposite. While the continuous, smooth gold wedding ring is commonly known, there are many variations within the classic design. Since the Wedding Band is the most enduring piece of jewellery, it is probable that you’ll want the item stand apart from the usual.

This can be achieved in many ways. The choice of material is not limited to gold. Platinum, silver and other materials can all be used as well as combined. Designs with cultural and personal relevance also make for a distinctive item. Whether you have something specific in mind or want to find out about the possibilities, one of the reputable jewellers on our site will be able to help you make an informed decision.