Marquee & Event Hire in Yorkshire

Every wedding day is a unique and very special occasion in your life, so at this time more than any other you will want to have every little detail exactly right. Whether you are hiring a location for your ceremony and reception or wish to have your big day festivities in your garden, hiring a marquee is the perfect solution for a lavish wedding reception. A marquee can be placed in practically any setting, and gives you the option to have your wedding reception where you really feel most comfortable, be that your own home or a stately home.

Your marquee can be as large as you require, depending on the space you have available and the number of guests you have invited. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to suit the decor of your home or the overall look of your wedding. The interior can be fitted for any type of entertainment you had in mind, from dining, to a dance floor, and even a kitchen marquee to provide cuisine for your guests if you are having a formal dinner.

We have selected the best marquee hire firms in the Yorkshire area so you can have great choice, fantastic quality and excellent service, no matter which one you pick. Each firm will have a large range of sizes and formats of marquee for you to choose form. Marquees are incredibly flexible structures and can easily be expertly tailored to your exact needs, inside and out. You may desire a covered walkway to your marquee to keep your celebration very private.

All the firms we have selected here will be able to help you choose the location for your marquee, the right design and layout, both in external and internal lighting, heating if required, furniture, flooring and floor coverings, technical support during the event for ancillary equipment and electrical or power plant management, plus decorations including flowers, balloons and swags, and even fireworks displays and special effects with lasers.

Your marquee will be fully serviced and well maintained, and you will be offered a bespoke package to suit your location needs and your budget.