Music & Entertainment in Yorkshire

As with food, music has long been a means of celebrating the best of occasions. The Wedding is no exception. From the Wedding March in the church to the first dance at the reception, music plays a vital role for this most promising of days.

For the nuptials, the music will be arranged with ease, but for the reception it’s a matter of some difficulty. While it’s tempting to choose the music which reflects the personal tastes of the Bride and Groom, this doesn’t always lend itself to a convivial atmosphere. A live band is often a sensible choice.

Apart from lending the event an additional warmth, musicians experienced with events of the type will be able to adapt to the atmosphere as well as have a repertoire of apt songs. Before making a decision, it is advisable to listen to some of the band's music and get a feel for their tastes and tone.

For a different sense of occasion, classical quartets or soloists remain a staple of the elegant event. Some like to introduce the reception on a classical note and then segue into a party atmosphere. For the latter, a good D.J. should be able to keep the cross section of guests convivial without letting personal preference interfere.

Home to a thriving wedding music and entertainment scene, Yorkshire offers a wide variety of professional musicians, D.J.s, vocalists, comedians and variety acts, from a true country wedding with a fiddle, to the deep thump of the bass for the party that goes well into the night, right down to a magician with a rabbit and a hat.

Almost all bands and professionals will have a CD of their music or a video of their act. Bear in mind that musicians and performers have very specific needs in terms of the venue and these should be discussed well in advance so that there is no chance of their performance being restricted.