Wedding Flowers in Yorkshire

Whether chosen for their meaning, cultural significance or simply to compliment the colours and style of the joyous occasion, flowers will undoubtedly lend their natural beauty to the special day.

Flowers have been part of the traditional marriage ceremony for centuries, providing both an aesthetic element and usually invested with the symbolism of union and its various associated sentiments. In marriage, flowers have been traditionally used to symbolize love, purity, goodness, loyalty, temperance, luck, wealth, humility, hope, age, beauty, constancy, modesty, lasting affection, truth, endurance, health and longing.

For each of these admirable qualities, a flower exists to represent it. Within this variety, there are subtle differences which are often overlooked and are later found to be inappropriate. As such, it is well advised to consult a Florist with experience of weddings to make sure that the right bloom or varietal is used. Since these meanings derive from Western culture, it is commonplace to find that a certain flower may be totally unsuitable for a celebration which reflects the cultural diversity of our age. It is not uncommon to find the same flower having opposing meanings in different countries.

Of course, seasonal and locational availability will greatly affect the choice of flora, but a professional will be able to suggest possible substitutions. Nature’s rich supply should add something of life and beauty to your most significant of events.

Whether you want to take advantage of the ‘greenest’ of Britain’s counties and set your celebration amidst the wonderful flora or just furnish your special day with the aid of a professional Florist, then you are fortunate to be in Yorkshire.

From corsages, Bridal Bouquets and men’s buttonholes to the table flowers and hair decorations, a Florist on our list will be able to suggest colourful and apt choices of individual blooms and a number combinations to properly compliment the venue and style of your occasion. Arrangements do take time, especially if there is a need to find specific flowers which aren’t indigenous to the region, so a fair period should be given those charged with brining nature’s best to your event.