Wedding Venues in Yorkshire

Very few people don’t have an idea of the ideal setting for the ceremony of their matrimonial conjoining to take place. A marriage, after all, is invested with a history of love and romance and is one of the few occasions in anyone’s life when great luxury, beauty and extravagance are completely justified.

While it is attractive to convey these sentiments of luxury and love in the chosen settings for the ceremony and reception, various practical aspects need to be carefully considered before committing to a location which might present all manner of problems and detract from the intended experience.

Convenience for guests should be among your primary consideration, especially if any are travelling for the event or are unfamiliar with the area. A tired guest is less likely to fully embrace any celebration and it’s wise to make sure that the chosen wedding venues are located conveniently in relation to likely accommodations. The same idea can applied to the many service providers enlisted in the celebration. Caterers in particular require certain facilities and practical access. A remote venue with poor facilities might preclude a certain kind of meal or even a coveted caterer.

Unless you’ve planned to have both ceremony and reception on the same property, it’s worth weighing up the practicalities of travel from one to the other against the idyllic setting.

If you are fortunate enough to be holding your Wedding in the historic county of Yorkshire, you will be spoiled for a choice of wonderful venues in which to set your precious celebration. Home to the North York Moors and the Dales, a National Park, the county is often hailed as the most ‘green’ in England. Also home a fair amount of history, there are some remarkable venues to add an element of historic luxury to any event.

Whether you want a charming rural chapel or the grandeur of a manor house, there are a number of places experienced with both large and more intimate weddings.